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Wednesday, April 09, 2003  

Another Thing...

The day I read a review of a Distillers album or live show that doesn't include some version of the phrase "Singer/guitarist Brody Armstrong can rock just as hard as the boys can," or "Even though she's a girl, Brody can still tear it up with the best of the big boys," or "Despite her unfortunate shortcomings in the area of 'having testicles and a penis', the Distillers' Brody Armstrong is a fierce, powerful punk rock guitarist and vocalist..." the day I read a review without any of that will be the day I start believing that people actually want social equality between the sexes. Come on, folks. You don't even have to go as far back as Joan Jett (though you could go back much further* if you wanted to) to know that women are just as capable as men of burning the fucking house down to the ground. I feel like a stupid asshole for even having to point this out; it's old news. Old.

You see all these scene people moaning about "progress, progress, progress!" but then when it comes down to talking about a band that features even one female, it's as if third-grade "nice rack!" remarks are as inevitable as the reviewer saying something like "this band could be the next Nirvana!" Every record reviewer who even mentions Nirvana should be immediately fired by whatever magazine made the mistake of employing them in the first place, unless it's the early 90's and that person is reviewing a Nirvana record.

Also, the goddamn Brody Armstrong - Courtney Love comparisons can stop now. Ok? Thanks. Fuck Courtney Love. Brody is awesome, and would be just as awesome if Courtney Love had never been shat into the world. No reviewers would want to live in a world without Courtney, though, because then who would they compare Brody Armstrong to?

That's the big question, isn't it?

* Is it "further" or "farther?" I think it's "further," which is why I wrote "further."

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