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Monday, March 10, 2003  

And I Thought I Was Cool

I went to a range with my friend and his dad on Saturday, and I got to shoot my first handgun. Well, it wasn't mine, but I got to shoot it anyway. A Smith and Wesson .38 firing .357 magnums did not dislocate my stupid arm like I anticipated it would. Loud, it was, to be sure. But managable. I think I'm hooked now, on shooting. It felt good to kinda, I dunno, to justify to myself a little more why I'm in the NRA.

Anyway, while I was being all cool and shooting .357s at flimsy paper targets, Rachel Lucas, Emperor Misha, Bill Whittle, and Kim and Connie duToit (with whom I share the honor of having been Capitalists Next Door on all got together and had a party. With lots of guns.

On her blog, Rachel says we should be jealous of her getting to hang out with all them cool people. I certainly am.

Hey Juan, you wanna get together someday and get piss drunk? I'm up for it. I'm actually supposed to go hang out with the Bitch Girls sometime before they graduate, too. And Todd, you can be damn sure that if my band ever makes it to Memphis to record at Sun, I'll be hopping on the train to Nashville to see what you're up to.

Any bloggers live anywhere in or near New Jersey? Let's get together and break stuff.

(PS This post was not an excuse to link to a bunch of people. But hey!)

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