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Thursday, February 20, 2003  

Hip-Hop Hippies

Haven't written anything new here in a few days, hence the craptastic title of this post. I just discovered, courtesy of Dr. Frank's Blogs of War, this piece written by Ken Layne that compares the number of last weekend's protesters (there were so many! in case you didn't pick up a paper or turn on a TV) to the number of people who were doing something other than protesting at the time.

You know all those photos you saw, of hundreds of thousands of people clogging the streets of New York City? And all the sign-swinging maniacs in San Fransisco? And all over the place? Add them all up, and write down the number you get. That same number of people went to see "Kangaroo Jack" that weekend. And those people paid for it.

(And by "paid for it," I mean paid for it...)

("Hip-Hop Hippies!" Get it? Wow, somebody send me a check.)

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