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Thursday, February 06, 2003  

Albini: Part Deux

My friend sent me a link to a page with a ton of Steve Albini/Big Black interview-type stuff. This (of course) is my favorite excerpt, straight from Steve Albini's mouth to your ears... er, eyes.

I've always laughed at the notion that anarchy is a workable alternative to a formal government. Anarchy and anarchists are comical, especially when they try to explain how the mail would be delivered or who would keep the dope fiends from robbing the liquor stores.

Apparently I'm wrong every time I say that anarchy is a pointless and immature fantasy, so I figure people might believe it when it's being said by someone more famous, experienced, and respected than I.

In any case, the rest of the stuff on that page is worth taking a long look at, if you're into Albini, Big Black, or the dissonant indie-rock of the mid-eighties. Enjoy.

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