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Thursday, January 23, 2003  

New Jersey Education Association to African-American Parents: You're Stupid

This is lovely. The NJ teachers' union features a brochure on their website, entitled "Getting Involved In Your Child's School." Up until this morning, there were three versions of the brochure available for download: an English version, a Spanish version, and an "African American version," which is now missing from the site.


Why was there a separate version for African-American parents? Oh right, so that the NJEA could omit the bigger words found in the "white" version, because as all liberals know, black people don't understand as many big words and can't make sense of complicated sentences like white people can. Duh. Check out all the details at the Gweilo Diaries, including a direct comparison of passages quoted from the "white" and "black" versions.

When is this shit gonna end? (Wonder of wonders! Teachers' unions are often comprised mostly of liberals! I can imagine the meeting they were having when they decided to make the "black" version easier to understand: "Well you see, black people aren't as smart as white people, and they generally don't have as big an interest in their childrens' education, so why don't we make the information we give them simpler?" "Great idea, Bob! Hey, you know who's really racist? Those damn dirty Republicans.")

(Link swiped from Right-Thinking.)

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