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Friday, December 27, 2002  

Zuh? And a Couple Other Things

Saw this slogan in a lefty alternative zine today: "ARM THE HOMELESS!"

What the hell does that mean? It reminds me of a story told by Utah Philips (of whom I am less than a fan) about some old hag lady giving a speech about how every homeless person should be given a gun or a knife and positioned outside the homes of rich people. I've used my unrivaled deduction skills to, uh... deduce that violence and murder are expected (and hoped) to ensue in the situation as it's been outlined.

Stupendous! Let's devote more public resources to murdering people who, based on the information provided, are innocent and do not deserve to be harmed. I think it's a swell idea.

Speaking of Utah Philips, he's pretty good pals with Ani DiFranco (of whom I am occasionally a fan, about 33% of the time, when she's not singing about how she's fucking miserable and how everyone and everything in America sucks because of white, middleclass males like me). She wrote a poem... er, song... er, thingy about what happened on September eleventh, and I think it sucks pretty badly, not in the way it's written (she's incredibly, incredibly adept with words and phrases), but what she's saying. Ani's really, really damn good at what she does, and it's extremely unfortunate that what she does, professionally, is make people feel like victims. She's made a career out of encouraging people to come together and find mutual solace in martyrdom and sadness. That's what I get from most of her songs, anyway.

Then she's got a few songs, like "The Diner," that I think are fucking amazing. It's a terrific song, by any pop/rock/folk/love-song standards. As such, it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find out that "The Diner" is viewed by Ani's more ardent fans as a throwaway pop song, possibly because the lyrics don't directly detail Ani getting screwed over by a man, or by George W. Bush, or by The Patriarchy (tm).

What the hell do I know?

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