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Friday, December 13, 2002  

More Watch

I know, I know. How often can someone make a poor attempt at a pun at the expense of Michael Moore's last name? The answer is itself another question: How often is Michael Moore gonna keep making up new bullshit, thereby prompting more attention from those of us who hate his rotten guts and want to expose him for the phony that he is? Well, this post isn't actually about any new bullshit of his, it's about the message boards on his website, and the things I've written there today. Lee at Right-thinking was kind enough to mention these things on another site of his that I like,, but just for the hell of it, I'll link to those posts right here too: Click-o-rama.

As usual, I could have argued better, but in this particular case, I doubt it would have mattered if I'd told all of Moore's fans that they're all a bunch of doody-heads, because no matter what you say, they don't listen. (It's easier not to.)

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