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Wednesday, December 04, 2002  

Alk3's Recording Diary

So the Alkaline Trio are in the studio working on their fourth full-length album (which will also be the first one with their newest and best drummer, Derek Grant). They've set up a frequently-updated recording diary on their website to let people know where they are in the recording process and how it's going.

I myself am highly anticipating this new record, because 1) they write terrific songs about drinking and girls, and 2) Derek Grant is the best drummer they've ever had.

It will be a good record. I know it.

And for anyone who wonders why I haven't commented here on singer/guitarist Matt Skiba's comments in the journal about how "The united states is a place that allows some of the most disgraceful people in history to buy their way into office and make decisions for millions and millions of people," well, I just did.

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