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Tuesday, November 12, 2002  

There They Were; Rocked Me Like A Hurricane

Saw the Donnas last night at the sold-out Bowery Ballroom show in NYC (many thanks to Scott from Atlantic for getting us on the guestlist) and they rocked so hard that it wasn't even funny. They played 'Too Bad About Your Girl' from the new record, and so that made my night. Molly from Bratmobile was there, as was a guy who I swore was Moby (I guess short bald guys with glasses are common enough and there always seems to be one at any show you go to). They did a signing at my record store on Saturday; they were so totally sweet to everyone who came up to get stuff signed, and it set the scene perfectly for the show last night.

There aren't enough positive adjectives in the dictionary for me to adequately describe (read: shower praise upon) them. They lack nothing, not a thing, in all the major rock band departments: the wailing guitar solos, the punchy, thundering bass, the hard, solid drumming, the velvety vocals, heartful records, and hotass looks... I could go on for another nine paragraphs about their looks, but since it's been done a million times before by every other hopelessly smitten fan of theirs, I'll refrain. It's old news, though truer than ever: they are hotter than hell.

Besides, how many bands can make good use of a cowbell in 50% of their songs and still take themselves seriously, not to mention be taken seriously by their fans? This one can. There's not much else I can say, other than offering the obligatory marriage proposal(s). Donnas, you rock.

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