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Monday, November 25, 2002  

An Open Letter to Rolling Stone

I think that this letter, written by Maya Price, is worthwhile because it deals with a huge magazine with a huge readership and a pretty respectable influence telling people that pop-tarts like Britney and Shakira are "rock" when there are so many far more deserving artists and bands who are are starving for recognition. All this in the very same issue where the editor complains about how new rock bands don't get any attention because it all goes to pre-assembled pop acts. Just a huge, glaring example of supposedly quasi-"alternative" media hypocrisy. Not that anyone with half a brain needed any more reasons to think RS sucks... just kind of a well-thought-out "fuck you" to a magazine that does anything but practice what it preaches, all the while claiming to be "for the people."

She says it more or less exactly how I would have said it.

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