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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Attend college? Have a professor who seems more intent on furthering his/her own political agenda than actually teaching? Biased courses, lectures leaning to one political side or another? Report it on, a new, non-profit organization dedicated to pointing out such problems and sharing information regarding such brainwashing. They encourage students to submit posts to their database, including all information relevant to the course and why he/she believes that only one side is fairly being presented.

The site is set up really well and it's very easy to access the information that has been submitted thus far. Keeping in mind that the main content of the site is based on the opinions of concerned students, it still seems like a very valuable resource in determining and observing the amount of socio-political indoctrination that goes on in America's universities, because it comes straight from the source: the students. (or The Children (tm) if you prefer).

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