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Friday, November 22, 2002  


It's called "Orwellian-sounding" in this article. The Total Information Awareness System: so that the federal government can keep track of almost everything you do, every minute of every day.

“What is under development here is a coordinated effort to pull together all the available data on every American who works, banks, buys on credit, purchases a firearm or sends an email on the Internet,” says computer security expert Allen Eagleton. “In most cases, the information is out there, available in widely-scattered databases. This is a massive effort to bring all this data together to build personal profiles on as many Americans as possible.”

If any such system is implemented, which is pretty inevitable, I will be surprised as hell if it does one damn bit of good for anyone that it's supposed to "protect." And in the meantime, while it's busy not doing anyone any good, it will also be raping the shit out of our privacy. Hooray!

UPDATE: Mrs. du Toit has crunched the numbers and estimated exactly how large such a government uber-database would have to be. It would be pretty damn large. Large enough that the whole thing seems impossible, or at least horribly, horribly impractical and hopelessly inefficient. And hey! When phrases like "hopelessly inefficient" are thrown around, it really does sound like something the federal government would do!

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