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Friday, November 22, 2002  

B.J. to W. : "No war, please!"

Green Day's official site features regularly updated audio messages to fans from members of the band. The most recent is a clip of singer/guitarist Billie Joe Armstrong telling fans to sign an online petition which will be directed to President Bush asking him to rethink taking military action against Iraq... big surprise, unfortunately.

What IS it with all these bands? I mean, come ON! Alright, Billie, so you think the U.S. shouldn't take on Saddam. Fine. Tell us why you think it's a bad idea. Please? Show us that you have one single atom-sized speck of knowledge regarding the situation, so that we have a reason to consider your request?

I bet you won't, because I bet you don't know. I bet you don't know any more than Barbara Streisand or Woody Harrelson. This makes me sad, because I like you and your band. If you're going to make that leap from punker guitarist to political pundit, at least make an attempt to ground what you're saying in some kind of knowledge.

Instead, it's the usual "War is bad. Because."

As a sort of response, I offer this link: The Quick And Dirty Leftist's Guide To Arguing Against The War On Terrorism, courtesy of John Hawkins of It's hilarious.

UPDATE: Rachel Lucas hs proposed a solid solution to this type of crapola: the HUSH Petition. Awesome.

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