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Thursday, November 07, 2002  

Another Rock Band: "Anarchy Is Cool"

In a recent issue of Rolling Stone (the one with Christina on the cover wearing only a guitar), some member of the (International) Noise Conspiracy (Swedish socialist/anarchist band now on Epitaph Records) was quoted as saying that they wanted to do their part in "the war against capitalism."


It's vitally important that the U.S. maintain a socio-economic system in which five palefaced youths from Sweden, with a thousand dollars' worth of haircuts between them, can come over here and tell all of our stupid, mushbrained punks about how bad this very system is. It's important to note that since T(I)NC collectively hate capitalism so much, they manufacture all of their own guitars and drumsticks from trees grown on their own commune, using their own labor. They also sew, stitch, and dye their own stylish hipster clothes, as well as raise the cattle from which they get the leather for their shiny, trendy boots. The metal for their guitar strings, tuning heads, and microphones is smelted from rock that is gathered from the base of the volcano on the private island community they inhabit... and of course I'm making all of this up in a hopefully obvious attempt to illustrate a small handful of the ways in which capitalism benefits these ungrateful boogers.

These five nobodies (I don't give even a small fraction of a shit about the singer's old band, the Refused) should be wearing thin the knees of their three-hundred-dollar pants with repeated kneelings-down humbly to thank capitalism and the entire country for allowing them to record their music and play live to hundred of kids and for allowing them to make money while doing it!

Sorry, T(I)NC. Your keyboard player might be very, very hot, but that doesn't make up for your stunning, childish hypocrisy. There are plenty of other social and political causes you can put your musicianship and skill towards... why pick on the system that's given the world more innovation, prosperity, and freedom than any other? You're a bunch of whiny stupids.

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